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Introduction to Google Adward

Hey Guys, today let’s start with Introduction to Google Adward

So, lets start with some introduction
The web is a really exciting place.Everyday millions of people from around the world search the WEB.The world’s biggest marketplace looking for Businesses like yours.The question is: WILL THEY FIND YOU?
putting your business online is like having a global grand opening.people from all over the world can Drop by,browse And buy and the good way to notice online is to occupy a bid of rate with a company website.this website is anything you need can be an art gallery to visit the real fan.
an online store can catalog customers shop and buy online.
Having a website is an oppurtunity to tell customers about your buisness your product and services and done well to grow ypour sells.
but having the website is not the only way to business online.your business can show up in persons can visit your website and give reviews.Review sites like customers can view and share information about your products and services which customers are intrested in buying.If you sell products,you can sell them on popular websites like amazon and ebay.These sites are like superstores,Giant market places,

Thank You

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