July 03, 2022

How To Download Anything FOR FREE:

How To Download Anything FOR FREE:

Lot of items are available on the internet today . Some are paid , some are subscribed and some free . Today, I will enlighten you on how can you download most of the premium paid things on internet like movies, web-series, software , tools, learning courses for free.

So , what is this place ?


FreeSoff.com is one-stop platform for all  internet needs today . Below are some illustrations about the capabilities of the platform and just to remind you these are only a few of them .


  • Every premium things for freeimg
  • Premium movies


  • Premium courses

  • Premium Software and Tools

Steps to Download:

Its a free community where people collaborate and provide premium things for free:Lets have a look on how to we can download it:

Step 1: Select the individual topic which you want to download:

Step 2: This Popup window like this will appear.


Step 3: Press on  login below ,The new Popup will appear which is something like this:

Step 4: Press on ‘X’

After pressing on ‘X’ Either the Page with Download link appear Or with password appears:

Page with download Link


With password window:

Note:If the page with password comes then follow  from steps7:

Step 5: Now click on download here  link:

Step 6: Click on DownloadasZip Or whichever format you want:

Step7: Copy the encrypted password:And click on Link which is in blue color:


Step 8: Paste the password here:

Step 9: Click on Decrypt button : Here you go……follow step 6:

This is how anything we want for free will be downloaded.



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I am Raj Techie. I am a software developer. I like to share my knowledge with others. I created this website so that i can share my knowledge with as many people as i can through the mode of Web Learning Point.

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