July 12, 2024

About WLP

About WLP , This WEB LEARNING POINT focuses on the conveying of the web designing related data to the new beginners.According to the stats,In the previous decade 2010 to 2020, the market for web design jobs is projected to experience a 24.8 percent year-by-year growth. The demand for web designing is so high that coding in various languages have popped up around the country to train new web developers, offering the opportunity for smart, young individuals to gain valuable skills in an intense environment.

In realiy, there has been an bombastic change in the supply of websites, tutorials, ebooks, and online courses that can help you learn web development skills at very low cost, that’s the reason why I decided to create a hub for enthusiastic learners who don’t want to spend lot amount of money on special courses related to particular topic. I’ve searched the web and found that there are thousands of websites that helps in teaching web development. I’ve seen the good, the bad, and ever worst. The result is this delightful collection of online learning point that will help you to transform you into a web developer.

These websites and blogs comes in large amount of data. So let’s discuss what I have collected:


“When I first started out learning HTML and CSS, a lot of the online courses, training guides, and tutorials that exist today hadn’t been created yet. I taught myself the hard way. I just started experimenting with HTML and CSS. I would take existing web pages and deconstruct the source code, trying to figure out everything fit together. When I ran into a problem, I would do a quick search on Google. These days, there’s a wealth of knowledge for anyone who wants to put in the time to learn.”
BY:Steven Hansen,Developer.