July 03, 2022

3 GMAIL Hacks:

3 GMAIL Hacks:

1.Use older than operator in gmail search box:

With this operator we can filter out the emails as per our requirement.It could be older than 1 month,year etc.

  • Older_than:1m

  • Older_than:1y


Note:You can also include this filter with other search queries.


2.Confidential Mails

We can send the confidential mails with this feature of gmail.The lock symbol after send button is confidential mail click on that.


  • By enabling this feature mails can automatically get deleted
  • In order to delete mail we have to provide the exact date and time

NOTE:If the mail is very confidential then it can be protected by enabling the SMS passcode as well.

  • With this feature user is not allowed to forward,copy,download the mail.


3.Schedule The Mail

With this feature of gmail we can actually schedule the mails.This will automatically send mail at the time selected by us.

  • Click on arrow  just after send button.

  • Select the date and time for automatically sending the mail.

These are the 3 major gmail hacks:


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